The Maya Elazar Studio


Architectural design for clients who wish to design their home, renovate or extend it. Services include full architectural conceptual design and planning, demolition plans, as well as planning for construction, modifications, power and lighting, plumbing, etc. The final outcome is the new design and delivery of a set of plans for the contractor. Additional services include overseeing the project, supervision of construction work, assistance in selecting materials and recommending vendors and craftsmen.

Interior Design

Consulting, planning and designing living spaces, offices and other spaces, public or private, tailored to the client's needs. Turn-key professional project management while taking into account the client’s budget and schedule.

Interior Decorating (Styling)

Interior decorating services include a variety of design services, either as an independent renovation project for the refurbishment and renewal of an existing home or office, or complementing a project that is underway.

The services provided in this area include color selection and color matching, consulting on furniture selection and arrangement, selection of complementary design elements, wallpaper, carpets, pictures, accessories, and the selection of lighting fixtures. Interior decorating creates the right combination of furniture, fabrics, lighting and space.

Individual Consultations Before Purchasing Real Estate

These services may be tailored based on the type of property being considered. Services include:

  • Feasibility studies for future planning modifications to an existing design proposed by a builder before making a decision about buying the property. Not all changes are possible or permitted, whether due to the building’s structure, building regulations, municipality plans or other reasons. Such analysis before buying the property enables a responsible and professional decision.
  • Checking municipal plans regarding the surrounding area, in order to uncover limitations or advantages vis-a-vis the property.
  • Preparation of cost estimates for renovation or construction (providing insight with regards to compliance with the defined budget).

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About us

The Maya Elazar Studio, specializing in architecture and interior design, is managed by the architect Maya Elazar.
Maya believes in listening to her clients first, in order to learn about their needs and wishes, taking into account all of their dreams and fantasies and bringing the entire picture to life.